Our mission

To provide a comprehensive range of roofing services throughout the UK at a competitive price without compromising quality

Our history >

In 2007 Jennings Roofing
became part of the
Northern Bear group

Jennings Roofing was started in 1960 by Roy Jennings, the father of Graham Jennings. The business built up an excellent reputation as a felt roofing contractor and carrying out work for local builders.

In 1972 Graham Jennings joined the company and in 1977 he took on the challenge of expanding the slating and tiling division of the business. The division grew rapidly so that the company soon established a national reputation undertaking contracts with local authorities and government institutions all over the UK. Graham Jennings became managing director in 1985.

However after 46 years working at Jennings Graham has decided to step down from his role as Managing Director as of 30th March 2018.

Graham has held the position since the formation of Jennings as a limited company in 1985 after working the previous 13 years for or in partnership with his father. 

Jennings became part of Northern Bear Plc and over the past 6 years Graham has combined the roles of Managing Director of Northern Bear Plc and Jennings Roofing Limited, However due to the expansion and further development of Northern Bear as from the 1st April 2018 Graham will be concentrating on his role as the MD of the Group Plc Board.

He will however remain as a consultant to the incoming MD of Jennings Roofing. 

Martin Briggs who has worked closely with Graham for the past 26 years will take over the MD’s position at Jennings Roofing and as with all other Group Company MD’s will report directly to Graham in his new fulltime role. 

Resources >

Our greatest resource is our workforce. We have over 80 roofing operatives including time-served slaters and tilers. We also have trainee slaters and tilers on the Construction Industries Training Board (CITB) programme. We also employ plumbers, joiners and bricklayers.

All operatives have achieved NVQ level 2 or 3 and the entire workforce have been awarded CSCS cards (Construction Skills Certification Scheme). Our ongoing training programme is designed to ensure that all our operatives achieve their full potential. We have a very experienced management and administration team who ensure that all contracts are completed on time and within budget.

Policies >

Health and safety policy statement

The overall company objective of Jennings Roofing Ltd is to ensure the occupational health, safety and welfare of its employees, visitors and others (eg public, contractors) who may be affected by the conduct of our undertaking and in doing so shall ensure:

  • The provision and maintenance of equipment and operational controls that are safe and without health risks.
  • Arrangements for ensuring safety and absence of health risks concerning the use, handling and storage of articles and substances.
  • The provision of such information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure the health and safety of employees.
  • The maintenance of the workplace to ensure that it is safe and without health risks, including means of access and egress.
  • The provision and maintenance of a working environment for employees that is safe and free from health risks, with adequate facilities and arrangements for employees’ welfare.
  • Review and management our health and safety arrangements and information to ensure that we show continual improvement on an ongoing basis.

In order to maintain continual improvement, Jennings Roofing Ltd shall regularly monitor and review the management system to ensure its effectiveness and undertake the following actions:

  • Maintain a management system that reflects the requirements of current applicable legislation.
  • Ensure sufficient resources are available to meet the objectives of the management system, as well as current applicable legislation.
  • Establish effective arrangements to draw the management system to the attention of employees.
  • Communicate the management system so it is understood and implemented by all employees.
  • Ensure all employees are aware of their individual occupational health and safety obligations and seek the support and co-operation of employees with respect to occupational health and safety.
  • Establish effective arrangements for employer/employee consultation.
  • Maintain company systems for the ongoing identification of hazards, the assessment of risks, and the implementation of necessary control measures.
  • Make this occupational health and safety policy available to interested parties.
  • Maintain records as objective evidence to show compliance with the management system.
  • Review and monitor the management system to ensure that it meets applicable legislation and is appropriate to the activities undertaken by the company.

Environmental policy statement

This policy covers all aspects related to the environment and applies to all Jennings Roofing Ltd operations. Jennings Roofing Ltd intends to comply with relevant legislation, eg The Control of Pollution Act 1974, The Environmental Protection Act 1990, The Environment Act 1995, as well as associated regulations and guidance. Wherever possible the most stringent internal and environmental criteria will be followed.  The company does and will continue to provide evidence of compliance with current and future environmental standards.

Jennings Roofing Ltd will:

  • Aim to maintain the highest degree of control on emissions and discharges of materials to the environment and endeavour to reduce the impact of such emissions to the environment.
  • Commit management resources to implement this environmental policy by the introduction of an effective system throughout all Jennings Roofing Ltd.
  • Monitor and report progress against agreed targets and objectives.
  • Only use materials from a safe and renewable source of supply.
  • Seek to re-use, recycle and recover raw materials and waste.
  • Seek to conserve scarce and non-renewable resources, such as energy, in all operations.
  • Conduct regular checks of practices and procedures and respond to any deficiencies identified through a planned programme of remedial action.
  • Continue to minimise environmental risks by raising employees’ awareness, employing safe technologies and operating procedures.
  • Continue to be attentive to the needs of local residents and their ecology so as far as its operational activities are concerned.
  • Seek to ensure that suppliers and contractors to Jennings Roofing Ltd do not operate to environmental standards that conflict with Jennings Roofing Ltd policy.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

Jennings Roofing Ltd

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

Jennings Roofing Ltd acknowledges the provisions of the modern slavery Act 2015 and will ensure transparency within its organisation and with suppliers of goods and services to the organisation. The company is satisfied from its own due diligence there is no evidence of any act of modern day slavery or human trafficking within its own organisation.

As part of the company’s due diligence processes into slavery and human trafficking the supplier approval process incorporates a review of the controls undertaken by the supplier. Imported goods from outside the UK and EU are potentially more at risk of slavery and human trafficking issues. The level of management control required for these sources will be continually monitored.

The company will not knowingly support or deal with any business involved in slavery or human trafficking.
The company will undertake responsibility for implementing this policy statement and its objectives.

This policy statement will be reviewed annually.

Other policies

We have a number of other policies and procedures in place to ensure that the company runs efficiently and complies with all appropriate legislation and guidelines. If you would like further information on any of our policies and procedures please click here to email us.